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QFX ANT 106 HD/DTV/UHF/VHF/FM 360deg Rotating Outdoor Antenna


  • $ 42.29

QFX ANT 106 HD/DTV/UHF/VHF/FM 360 Rotating Outdoor Antenna *HD/DTV/UHF/VHF/FM 360 Rotating Outdoor Antenna *HD/DTV/UHF/VHF/FM 360 rotating outdoor antenna;HD, DTV, VHF, UHF & FM radio ready; Connect to DTV tuner to receive digital & analog programming ; HDTV 1080p, 1080i, 720p support;Full-band DTV/VHF/UHF receiver;360 amplified rotating antenna; Built-in signal booster;26dB - 28dB gain;Imp: 75_;Operates up to 2 TV sets;Includes remote & 50ft coaxial cable * WARRANTY: ONE YEAR

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