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Cleanclean - All-natural - Restorative - Hair Wash - Scalp Treatment

Clean Clean

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Details : Highly concentrated, makes 64 oz of hair wash. Soapbark or Quillaja Saponaria extract is 100% natural. Soapbark cleanses and keeps your hair's natural moisture. It washes accessible oil gently without drying your scalp or hair. Quillaja is suitable for irritable scalp, and hair damaged by chemicals. Soapbark hair wash protects colored hair. Suitable for: Damaged hair Colored hair Oily scalp Flaky scalp Benefits: All-Natural Vegan Add to your shampoo or use as a hair washIngredients - Quillaja SaponariaSize - 2ozCountry of Origin - USWarranty : 30 Day Warranty

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