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REJUVE - Face & Body Gel Moisturizer

RevealU Skincare

  • $ 10.98

Lightweight ultra-fresh gel moisturizer melts into the skin to instantly deliver a refreshing and hydrating experience This silky smooth gel glides on. increasing hydration with improvements in brightness. plumpness. and overall skin complexion health This oil and fragrance free gel is developed from natural spring water infused with precious ions Platinum. Gold. Silver.  Copper. Zinc and Magnesium Our water-based gel nourishes your skin and locks in moisture for a fresh glow all day long For use on all skin types; normal. oily. dry. acne prone. sensitive skin. or combination skin Alcohol Free. Fragrance & Dye Free. Vegan & Cruelty Free. Paraben Free. Oil Free Country of Origin:- US

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