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Barton Marine Small Snatch Block W/Stainless Snap Shackle

Barton Marine

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Small Snatch Block w/Stainless Snap ShackleUnique to Barton, these are probably the smallest block of this type available.Extremely compact and strong, with a multitude of uses on cruising or racing yachts where a large unit is not required.Important Note - Snatch Blocks:When using small and medium snatch blocks on a toe rail, a bungee line should be attached to the becket to prevent the block 'tumbling' and causing damage by snagging.Sheave: 35mm (1.38")Sheave Width:17mm (0.67")Rope: 12mm (0.47")Break Load: 800kg (1,763.7lbs)SWL: 400kg (881.8lbs)Length: 110mm (4.33")Weight: 170g (0.37lbs)

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