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Dd Back To School Pencil & Crayon Kit(Pack Of 48)


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Kit Includes:Twelve standard colored pencils: variety of colors; 6.72 inches long; Variety of colors and shades in this wholesale bulk discount cheap kit.Six #2 Pencils; Approx. 7.5 inches long; 5/16 of an inch thick; Eraser is 1/4" long.Box of 8 standard crayons, Each crayon is 3.5 in. long, .25 in. wide; Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Pink, Black; non-toxic, non-washable.Eraser; White; 2.25" x 7/8" x 5", wrapped in plastic.Clear, plastic ruler; Centimeters and inches; hole at one end, 6 inches long, 1 inch wide; .2 centimeters thick. Pencil and crayon sharpener; 1.25 inches X 1.25 inches.All contained in a clear plastic pencil bag with zipper; Approx. 9 X 5.5 in.; Bottom strip and zipper colored.Bag has three punch-holes on both the left and right side so it will fit in a binder.Colors of bag, sharpener, and colored pencils may vary and cannot be confirmed. Kit conforms to ASTM D-4296

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