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Dd Garbage Bags(Pack Of 100)


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Wholesale garbage bags* 2.0 Mil Low Density Bulk Pack Flat bottom construction holds up to 30% more than star bottom bags* Meets Government Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines for recycled liners--100% recycled plastics, 10% post-consumer. * Individually folded bags dispense one-at-a-time for ease of use and portion control. * Contains no heavy-metal additives. * Multipurpose can liners recommended for sharper objects and tougher transport conditions. Greater tear resistance compared to HD liners. * Offers good puncture resistance and load capacity. * Environmentally conscious. Super/Extra Heavy Grade For heaviest cleanup jobs in warehouse, cafeteria or facility grounds. Suitable for the toughest trash applications. * 55 - 60 gallon capacity. * Super Extra Heavy Weight Black * 100 Bags per Case of garbage bags, bags come flat in the case.

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