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Dd Kids Walkie Talkies(Pack Of 48)


  • $ 348.95

Roger that! Communicate up to 300 feet with the Kids Walkie Talkie Two-Way Radio Set. Kids will have a blast playing indoors and outdoors. Each set comes with 2 walkie talkies, and they each have a belt clip so the unit always stays close to the user and just like grown-up walkie talkies, these feature a push to talk button. Kids will love learning about radios and talking to each other in separate rooms! This walkie talkie set is a perfect gift idea for young kids.Push to Talk SwitchEach set clamshell packagedSize 9 X 2 Inches, packaging 11 X 8 Inches Assorted colors and designsRange: 100 MetersMorse Code SwitchSignal Optimization: 4-Transistors2 pieces per set1 "9V" battery requiredEducational Toy

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