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Delta Faucet Delta 5 Spray H20kinetic Shower Head In Brushed Nickel, 75559Sn

Delta Faucet

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This 5-Spray 2.0 GPM H2Okinetic Showerhead in Brushed Nickel with Pause is a simple and easy way to update the look and functionality of your bath. Prepare yourself for the feeling of more water with this H2Okinetic showerhead. H2Okinetic provides a truly better shower experience. The warm, drenching water coverage is the result of a denser water pattern and larger droplets that retain their heat longer to soothe and revitalize you. The effect with our water-efficient models is a luxurious, indulgent shower that actually conserves water. Large drops and dense wide spray pattern creates a blanket of water that gives you complete coverage. The 5-way spray dial to select the setting is easy to use. For quick removal of mineral deposits, simply wet the rub-clean nozzles, rub, and rinse away.

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