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Digital Yacht Dtv100 Marine Hd Tv/Fm Antenna

Digital Yacht

  • $ 194.90

DTV100 Marine HD/FM AntennaThe DTV100 HD TV antenna from Digital Yacht allows you to access free digital TV services on board. With a super sensitive design and hi gain amplifier, it sucks in even the weakest of signals. It's omni-directional too so there's no complicated aligning plus it will also provide a feed for a FM stereo radio.The DTV100 is a high performance, omni-directional TV antenna providing a great signal for on board HD TV systems. Start taking advantage of free HD digital TV entertainment today.Digital terrestrial TV (even in HD) can now be received while afloat with a new TV antenna from Digital Yacht. Called the DTV100, it features a highly sensitive omni-directional design and hi gain (-7 to 29dB amplifier) to pick up even the weakest of signals. It can also feed a FM stereo. Start enjoying a few home luxuries on board today.The slick DTV100 TV antenna picks up national free to view HD TV signals and allows a range of popular channels to be viewed on board thanks to its sensitive omni-directional design.Features:Very high performance omnidirectional marine TV antennaGlobal reception capability of latest DVB/HDTV signalsTV and FM radio outletBelow deck mounted amplifier with -7dB to +29dB gainPole or standard 1" adaptor mounting capabilitySupplied with 10m coaxOptional dual TV outlet amplifierJust 280mm diameter

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