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Garmin 8-Pin Transducer To 4-Pin Sounder Adapter Cable


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8-Pin Transducer to 4-Pin Sounder Adapter CableConnect an 8-pin transducer to a 4-pin sonar port on a compatible marine device with this adapter cable.Compatible Devices:STRIKER 4STRIKER 4 Portable Bundle STRIKER 4 Portable BundleSTRIKER 4cv STRIKER 4cvSTRIKER 5 Ice Fishing Bundle STRIKER 5 Ice Fishing BundleSTRIKER 5cv STRIKER 5cvSTRIKER 5dv STRIKER 5dvSTRIKER 7cv STRIKER 7cvSTRIKER 7dv STRIKER 7dvSTRIKER 7sv STRIKER 7svSTRIKER Plus 4 STRIKER Plus 4STRIKER Plus 4cv STRIKER Plus 4cvSTRIKER Plus 5 Ice Fishing Bundle STRIKER Plus 5 Ice Fishing BundleSTRIKER Plus 5cv STRIKER Plus 5cvSTRIKER Plus 7cv STRIKER Plus 7cvSTRIKER Plus 7sv STRIKER Plus 7svSTRIKER Plus 9sv STRIKER Plus 9sv

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