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Gocontrol(Tm) Gc-Tbz48 Z-Wave(R) Battery-Powered Smart Thermostat


  • $ 98.49

GoControl GC-TBZ48 Z-Wave(R) Battery-Powered Smart Thermostat *Z-Wave(R) Battery-Powered Smart Thermostat * Z-Wave(R) compatible with version 4.4.4; Supports Z-Wave(R) FLiRS functionality; Works on standard HVAC systems with 2-stage heat & 2-stage cool; Works on heat pump HVAC systems with 3-stage heat & 2-stage cool; Can be powered by 24 VAC C-wire from HVAC systems; Easy to install & program; USB firmware upgrade available; Mount on wall or a single-gang juncion box; Requires 4 AA batteries; * WARRANTY: ONE YEAR

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