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Icom M36 Floating Handheld Vhf Radio - 6W


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Floating Handheld VHF Radio - 6WClear voice + voice boostIn marine environments there are many sources of noise that can affect the quality of your communications, such as engine noise, breaking surf and more. The IC-M36 automatically adjusts the outgoing voice and the incoming audio to compensate for the ambient noise level: whether you're in a loud environment or in a quiet area, the IC-M36 ensures your radio conversation is sent and received as clearly as possible.And YES, It FLOATSContinuing the legacy of the IC-M34, the fully submersible IC-M36 floats back up to the surface if dropped overboard, even if the optional speaker microphone, HM-165, is attached.AquaQuake draining functionThe vibrating "buzz" sound clears water away from the speaker grill.LOUD buttonWhen you need an instant "boost" in the volume, a simple push of the "LOUD" button gives you full volume immediately. In addition, holding the "LOUD" button mutes the audio output.Noise cancelling microphoneThe sub-microphone on the rear panel inverts phase and cancels out ambient noise from the main microphone. As a result, the IC-M36 reduces the affect of background noise (particularly trebly noise) from the transmitted signal and makes it easier to catch voice communication.Automatic volume adjustmentWhen in an engine room or high noise environment, the sub-microphone detects

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