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Lowrance Fishhunter Pro Castable Sonar


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FishHunter Pro Castable SonarFishHunter castables bring the benefits of sonar to anglers not fishing from boats -- a large,underserved portion of the marine electronics market. The new castable transducers are theperfect solution when fishing from a bank, dock, pier, through the ice -- or even from the back ofa boat.Anglers can take FishHunter anywhere they fish, cast it in the water and view sonar returns on asmartphone or tablet via the free (IOS or Android) FishHunter app, giving them the advantage ofknowing where to fish. Sonar data is transmitted over a WiFi connection between thetransducer and the smartphone/tablet; no cellular or internet connection is required.FishHunter also offers the most reliable WiFi connection at the best range.FishHunters unique buoy-like transducer housing helps keep it reliably afloat, preventing anydisruption in the WiFi connection, and an integrated LED light keeps it visible in nighttime orearly morning conditions.FishHunter Pro is a tri-frequency transducer that supports 381 kHz, 475 kHz and 675 kHz sonarfrequencies and features Fishing (fish symbols), Raw (fish arches) and Ice Fishing views.FishHunter can be trolled behind a boat to create custom Bathymetric (color contour) maps of afavorite fishing spot or an entire lake.Features:No internet or cellular connection requiredReliabl

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