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Marchioro Delfi 102 Birdcage With Stand For Small Birds (73.3 X 47.3 X 22.8)


  • $ 270.86
  • Save $ 133

Provide your birds with the perfect place to call home with the Marchioro Delfi 102 Birdcage with Stand for Small Birds. This spacious cage is designed for one or multiple birds, and is ideal for smaller breeds such as Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Parakeets, Finches, and Canaries. It includes 9 different perches for birds to sit on, various door openings for eacy access, and 2 feeding trays. There's even 2 birdbaths so birds can splash around! The cage comes with a wheeled stand and features two handles on the roof for easy transport and moving.

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