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Marchioro Delfi 82 Birdcage For Canaries And Small Parrots (67 X 32.25 X 20)


  • $ 167.32

Provide your birds with the perfect place to call home with the Marchioro Delfi 82 Large Birdcage for Canaries and Small Parrots. This spacious cage is designed for one or multiple birds, and is ideal for smaller breeds such as Cockatiels, Canaries, and Small Parrots. It includes 9 perches plus a swing, which provides a good source of exercise and entertainment, and also includes a feeder, water cup, 2 covered birdbaths, and cuttlebone holder. The cage is made with a sturdy metal wire frame coated in a non-toxic white epoxy and lifts off the plastic base for easy cleaning.

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