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Maretron Micro Double-Ended Cordset - 3M


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Mechanical Contact Carrier Mat/Color: Thermoplastic PUR/Blue-Gray Molded Body Mat/Color: Thermoplastic PUR/Blue-Gray Contact Mat/Plating: Brass/Gold Coupling Nut Mat/Plating: Brass/Nickel Connector Outside Diameter: 0.59"Electrical Current Rating: 4.0 Amps Voltage Rating: 250 VCableOuter Jacket Mat/Color: PVC/Gray Conductor Insulation Material: HDPE (data pair), SRPVC (power pair) Number of Conductors: 4X22 AWG, 22 AWG Drain Wire Shielding (3-Levels): FOIL (Overall), FOIL (Power Pair), FOIL (Data Pair)Environmental Protection Class: IEC IP68, NEMA 1,3,4,6P Temperature Rating: -40 deg C to 80 deg C to (-40 deg F to 176 deg F)Approvals (Cable) UL: PLTC 75 deg C Sunlight Resistant E90625,AWM 80 deg C 300V (Cable) CSA: CMX-OUTDOOR-CMG LL54185 75 deg C,AWM I/II A/B 80C 300V FT4 NMEA: NMEA 2000 Approved

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