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Minn Kota I-Pilot Link System Remote Access W/Bluetooth

Minn Kota

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i-Pilot Link System Remote Access w/BluetoothNOW WE'RE REALLY TALKING.Redesigned with new features, a new remote, and Bluetooth connectivity, the new i-Pilot Link system communicates better than ever before to give you even more control of your trolling motor from your Humminbird or i-Pilot Link remote.Redesigned RemoteA more compact remote with a bigger, full-color touchscreen featuring a fully-customizable menu. A keypad with commonly used navigation functions gives you the best of both worlds.Bluetooth Communication:The new i-Pilot system connects via Bluetooth, allowing for easy software updates to add new features to your system via your smartphone.i-Pilot Link Phone AppBluetooth communication allows new i-Pilot to pair with your smartphone, allowing for easy software updates and quick command of speed, steering, Spot-Lock, high speed bypass, and Advanced AutoPilotHeading SensorA Heading Sensor recognizes changes in the boat's heading due to wind and current, and communicates with the i-Pilot Link system to minimize boat swing.Reinvented Spot-LockEnhanced with new hardware and software algorithms, Spot-Lock works holds you tighter to your fishing spot than ever before, making it the most accurate electronic GPS anchor ever.Spot-Lock JogMove your Spot-Lock five feet forward, backward, left or right - just by pushing a button.Circle Mode

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