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Puresport Pre-Filled 15" Classic Puresport Backpack & Elementary School Supply Kit Set(Pack Of 12)


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This combo assortment comes with 15" Classic PureSport backpacks and basic elementary school supply kits. These classic backpacks by PureSport measure 15"x10.6"x5" and are constructed from gold standard 600 denier fabric. The school supply kits include 1 3-ring pencil pouch, 1 pencil sharpener, 1 0.28 oz (8g) glue stick, 1 8pcs Crayons, 1 pink beveled eraser, and 6 #2 HB pencils.Please Note: Backpacks and school supply kits are packaged separately within the case. You will need to insert the kits into the backpacks in order to distribute them as a set.Colors: Black, Blue, Grey and Green

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