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Pyle Home(R) Hurvbtr35 Hurtle(Tm) Vibration Fitness Machine


  • $ 285.51

PYLE HOME HURVBTR35 Hurtle(TM) Vibration Fitness Machine *Hurtle(TM) Vibration Fitness Machine *• Vibration assisted exercise for full body training;• Excellent toning for abs, thighs & buttocks;• next generation 3D oscillating motion technology;• High-powered vibrations do the hard work;• Accelerated fat burning & weight loss;• Incorporates upper body, lower body & core workouts;• Lab tested to improve muscle strength, flexibility & circulation;• Reduces appearance of cellulite;• Improves metabolic rates;• Simple stand on & power on operation;• Ideal for all body types & age groups;• Adjustable time & vibration speed control;• Rubber grip anti-slip surface pad;• Designed for sports training, weight loss & burning fat;• Includes remote; * WARRANTY: ONE YEAR

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