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Rule Rule-Mate&Reg; 2000 Gph Fully Automated Bilge Pump - 24V


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Rule-Mate 2000 GPH 24 Volt Fully Automated Bilge PumpThe Rule-Mate 2000 GPH pump consists of a powerful Rule bilge pump and a highly intelligent circuit board in a single housing. The pump activated when the water reaches 2-1/2" and automatically shuts off when the pump senses no water against the impeller, reducing the remaining water to approximately 5/8". Rule-Mate IntelligenceRule-Mate Bilge pumps have built-in programming that can sense when the pump is running but not pumping water. This is a very unique feature to bilge pumps because it protects the pump and the vessel, especially the vessels batteries. If debris fouls the sensor or the pump becomes air-bound, the pump will stop running and begin to "check" for water every 2-1/2 minutes. Once the debris is removed, the pump will revert to its normal operation, turning on when the water reaches 2-1/2" and shutting off at 5/8".2000 GPH (7570 LPH) at 0' (27.2V)All-in-one pump and switchExtra long life heavy duty motor1" NPS discharge with 1" AND 1 1/8" screw-on portsThree year warranty

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