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Safe-T-Alert Heavy Duty Trailer Dock/Jack Stand Pad


  • $ 38.70

Heavy Duty Trailer Dock/Jack Stand PadFeatures:For use with trailer pad or wheel jack standHandles trailers for boats, snowmobiles, motorcycles, personal water craft, towables, RV/CampersUse on variety of surfacesWorks on concrete, asphalt, sand, rock, dirt, grass - even muddy locationsLifetime warranty from cracking or breakingTough enough to drive over guaranteed not to crush, crack, or break downUse Trailer Dock anywhereCan be used at camp site, driveway, garage, parking lot storage location or beachLightweightBring it along - it even floatsReplaces those worn 2 by 4'sNo more sinking in the mud and no dents in the drivewayEasy lift with the rope handle

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