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Whale Marine Whale Gulper Grouper Mk3 Fishbox/Waste Pump W/90° Ports - 24V

Whale Marine

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Gulper Grouper Mk3 Fishbox/Waste Pump w/90 Ports - 24VNon clog electric Waste pumps without filters, built on more than a decade of market leading valve technology.Proven Diaphragm TechnologyWhale Gulper waste products have been at the forefront of marketing leading waste technology for over 2 decades. Rather than impeller motors, Gulper pumps contain reciprocating heavy duty diaphragms and specialized non-choke valves to handle grey, bilge, black and fishbox waste on board.Ideal Macerator Replacement in Fishbox InstallationsThe Gulper Grouper Mk 3 builds on the decades of proven pump technology and now features 90 inlet and outlet ports with integrated non-choke valves. The improved design allows the pump to be used as a direct replacementfor macerator impeller pumps. Compared to typical macerators, the Gulper Grouper Mk 3 is quieter and lightweight. With diaphragm technology, the pump does not clog or suffer from motor burn out meaning a longer system life and less unwanted maintenance jobs! With a low power consumption and run dry capability the Gulper Grouper Mk 3 really is the pump of choice for fishbox evacuation.

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